Wednesday, March 20, 2013

SRI - Much More than More Rice

The theme of this month's issue of Farming Matters magazine is the System of Rice Intensification (SRI).

Entitled "SRI - more much than more rice," the March 2013 issue of the magazine (Vol. 29 no. 1) includes case studies from several of the 50 countries where the System of Rice Intensification is taking hold. Below is the table of contents, which includes articles about "champions," extension agents, farmers, researchers and others that use, study or promote SRI methods around the world.
- Editorial - SRI sets farmers free - Edith van Walsum
- Theme overview: SRI – A grass-roots revolution - Edith van Walsum and Willem A. Stoop
- How is SRI evolving, and what are we learning? - Erika Styger
- SRI in Peru: Crazy? Not at all! - Divar Moya Zavaleta
- SRI is something unprecedented - interview with Norman Uphoff by Jorge Chavez-Tafur
- Learning with farmers - Rajendra Uprety
- A visual guide to SRI - Laura Eggens
- Locally rooted: Ideas and initiatives from the field - Ram.B. Khadka, Tareke Berhe, Manuel Sanchez, Asif Sharif
- Beyond higher yields: Advancing agrobiodiversity through SRI - K. Perumal, S. Subhashini, et al.
- SRI in Myanmar: Adoption and adaptation - Pierre Ferrand and Hla Min
- SCI: Planting with space - Hailu Araya, Sue Edwards et al.
- New initiatives, Madagascar and Mali - Alain Oscar
- Opinion: Agro-ecology in action - Rik Thijssen
- SRI in Bihar: From one to 350,000 - Anil Kumar Verma

[Read more about SRI... and access collections of extension materials, videos, presentations, photos and SRI research databases through the SRI-Rice website]