Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Recent SRI Videos

A number of very good SRI videos have come out in various languages over the past four months. A few of these are listed below.


2010 (March 31). Comparison of Traditional Paddy Cultivation and System of Rice Intensification (SRI). Video by Digital Green and PRADAN on the digitalgreenorg channel, YouTube. 12:07 min. In Mundari (a tribal language spoken by the Munda community in Jharkhand, India) with English subtitles (see also 16:55 min. original 2009 Mundari version without subtitles). This video features testimonials of farmers from the Khunti, Jharkhand, area of India discussing the difference in the paddy production between the traditional method of paddy cultivation and SRI.

2010 (February 19). 2010. Green Leaf Manuring with Glycidia before SRI Paddy Demonstration in Bhanavasi, Karnataka. Video by Digital Green and the Green Foundation on the digitalgreenorg channel, YouTube. 5:18 min.

Prasad, Jitendra Kumar. 2009 (December 4). SRI (Hindi version). Video on bhola1982 channel, YouTube. 2:46 min. Hindi language. This video was made during summer training by Jitendra Kumar, CABM , Pantnagar, India, with the intention that it be customized for local use.


Hameed, Khidir A., Flaih A. Jaber and Yousif Hadi. 2010 (March 22). The System of Rice Intensification (SRI) in Iraq. Video by Al-Mishkab Rice Research Station on the SRI-Cornell channel, YouTube (in three parts). Arabic language.
Part 1: 8:56 min. Part 2 9:44 min. Part 3 2:57 min.
Also available as a single video, SRI in Iraq, uploaded by the Farmer-Centered Research and Development Program at Cornell University. The video is about SRI in the Iraqi context by researchers at the Al-Mishkab Rice Research Station in Najaf, Iraq.

Jaber, Flaih A. and Khidir A. Hameed. 2010. Paddy Mechanization in Iraq. Video on the SRI-Cornell channel, YouTube, from Al-Mishkab Rice Research Station (MRRS), Najaf, Iraq. 3:09 min. English subtitles. The video describes land preparation, seed selection, nursery development and planting with the use of a mechanized transplanter at MRRS in Najaf, Iraq.


2009 (Dec. 8). SRI (System of Rice Intensification)- Silent Witness to a Golden Harvest (2). Video produced by Oxfam Australia on 04cs004 channel, YouTube. English subtitles. (Documentary about the SRI in Sri Lanka, the SRI network, and the community partnership program in Sri Lanka through Oxfam Australia)

2010 (January 9). SRI Farming in Cambodia. [details of this YouTube version of an earlier video can be found in the previous Jan. 21 blog post]

(A more complete list of videos can be found on our SRI video section at Check our blog in April for new address as the video page will be moving soon!)